Project Description


L‘Illa Diagonal is a large complex located in the upper side of Barcelona city centre and it is considered the best shopping centre with a retail area of 35,000 sqm, office space of 48,000 sqm, two 4-stars hotels, two schools as well as other facilities. The building has a 334-meter façade and its shape of a lying skyscraper was inspired by the Rockefeller Center in New York. Its unique offer in terms of restaurants and the newly introduced concept of food market and convenience store, as well as deli and tasting spaces turned the property into the most successful shopping center within Spain according to many sources.

Asset Class: Retail & Offices & Hotel
Num. assets: 2
Num. units: +170
Location: Av. Diagonal, Barcelona
Surface: +117,000 sqm (retail: 35,000 sqm; offices: 48,000 sqm)
Investment: € 220 million