ADEQUA is a real estate investment management firm based in Barcelona.

  • Owned by the founding partners, it acts as an independent company and is led solely by the executive partners.
  • Our partners have extensive experience in the sector in previous positions and have worked together for more than 10 years in two areas: real estate development and management.
  • Local experience in a broad spectrum of assets through a diligent team of 15 professionals.
  • Highly oriented approach in the continuous study of the market, guaranteeing solid performance through cycle changes.
  • Significant access to transactions, especially in the mid-market, thanks to the extensive network of partners’ contacts.
  • In-house capacity in asset management together with a wide network of top-notch professionals and service providers.
  • Asset Classes: residential, non-residential and alternatives.

Million of Euros.
Assets under management.


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In-house team.


Partner’s accumulated experience.


Deals under analysis.


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Historical performance.




Equity multiple.
Historical performance.


Historical performance.


Assets and companies

We invest in assets and real estate companies directly with the objective of initiating,
increasing or optimizing the return of capital, based on a genuinely proactive management.


A deep mentality based on equity, together with the passion for the sector, guarantees the alignment of interests with our partners. It is what we call “Equity-minded” philosophy.

In-house technology

We take advantage of the resources of our management platform for both the strategic projects in which we invest, as well as those of third parties that rely on our management to preserve and increase the value of their assets.

Development and investment themes

Management of development assets and investment grade with a high added value approach in the asset stages, at the urban level, project, execution, (re) capitalization and management of assets or portfolios.


Comprehensive Services

Discipline and rigor in the process of pricing, feasibility studies, due diligence, asset management-technical and commercial planning, and exit strategy.

Attractive Returns

Identify and invest in opportunities to generate attractive returns, mitigating the risk by applying “our discipline”.

Management Model

Management model based on three fundamental pillars: deep market research, use of in-house proprietary technologies, and an excellent management platform in collaboration with the best professionals in the sector.

Contact Network

Ability to originate new investment lines and “off-market” transactions thanks to our extensive network of contacts.

Geographic Scope

Geographic focus in the main markets and in solid secondary locations only.

Capital and Asset rich clients

Client base from two sources, capital investors as well as asset holders, provides the alignment of interests towards the equity.


Executive and Advisory Committees

ADEQUA has a management team that incorporates two fundamental organs: the Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee. The management team is structured through a management platform with two basic activity areas: Management and Investment.

Asset Management

The organizational structure, characteristics and positioning of the company allow us to offer truly comprehensive asset management.

Flexible and Scalable Structure

The platform works as an organization designed to add capabilities in a flexible and scalable cross-sectional structure. The team currently selects, analyzes and studies an average of about 50 monthly transactions that are mainly originated through by the partners, members of the Committee and collaborators.