Photovoltaic energy, the new trend in the industrial sector

Photovoltaic self-consumption in industries is a growing trend in recent years, boosted by many factors. On the one hand, the measures of the European Union that penalize carbon emissions in the industrial sector for favoring the use of renewable energies, the high price of electricity and the new trend in favor of the fight against climate change have ended up convince many industries to install photovoltaic panels. Due to the multiple benefits it brings to the company and the planet, Adequa is committed to the transition towards renewable energies in the approach of the new projects in which it collaborates.

What does industrial self-consumption consist of?

Energy self-consumption is the installation of solar panels for industries, taking advantage of the space on the decks of ships to generate photovoltaic energy. As these types of companies have a very large energy consumption, with this installation they generate and consume their own energy from renewable sources, which in turn contributes to the environment and obtains great savings on the electricity bill.

Renewable energies for being sustainable

Each photovoltaic panel helps preserve 12 trees. This data shows the contribution of this clean energy to the planet thanks to the reduction in the demand for conventional electricity. In addition, it directly collaborates in the reduction of fossil fuels and leads to the energy transition demanded by many international organizations.

Benefits of using solar panels:

Collaborate in the preservation of the environment. Companies must comply with the 2030 Agenda and reduce their environmental impact by using renewable energy.

  • Improves the image of the company, as it positions it as a responsible company committed to sustainability and the fight against climate change
  • Savings of approximately 60-70% on the electricity bill. This reduction in operating costs increases the competitiveness of the company and generates extra financial resources that can be invested in the growth of the company and in its commitment to R&D&i.
  • The energy generated can supply companies in the area and thus create a sustainable industrial core.
  • Although its installation has a high price, thanks to energy savings it can be amortized in just 5 years.